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I- Why you need MODAN?

Any company needs to generate contents that not only provide information about a company and its products, but also create a specific interest to them. But you don´t only need own contents, it is also essential to know how to disseminate them, how to get the public and opinion makers in each sector. In China, it is imperative to know how to use the right language, both written and audiovisual, able to captivate potential customers using their own codes and focusing on their interests. In the case of Latin America, the diversity of different markets also requires specific communication strategies for each location.

II – The benefits of working with us:

In MODAN we know in depth the markets we address to. As media professionals, we are experts in content generation in Chinese, English and Spanish which is attractive and understandable for each audience, adapting the information coming from the source to be well received, understood and assimilated locally. With good communication strategy we will help build brand awareness, mobilizing the necessary resources and being consistent with your objectives. After years working in the field of communication in China, boosting our own media, managing the communication of private companies and providing these services to public institutions, we have the knowledge, experience and contacts to ensure that communication of your company arrives, in the language and correct format to the specified target.

III – Services

  • Translation: Spanish-Chinese-English
  • Creation of content: news, reports, notes and press releases, videos, podcasts, photography.
  • Dissemination of content: general media, trade media, KOL, social networking and online shopping channels.
  • Broadcast media events
  • Preparation of journalistic content

IV – Market Segmentation

We offer our services specific to foreign companies wishing to improve their brand awareness and presence with the target audiences or improve their communication and marketing strategies in China. Also Chinese companies who want to enter the Latin America´s markets.